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REGULATION (anglais)

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REGULATION  (anglais) Empty REGULATION (anglais)

Message par jack Sam 6 Aoû - 14:07

- More than 90,000 coppers will be distributed as follows:
1st: 30000 coppers (for winning team)
2em: 20000 coppers
3em 15,000 coppers
4em 10,000 coppers
5em coppers 5000
6em coppers 4000
7em coppers 3000
8em coppers 2000
9em coppers 1000
500 10th coppers

- This competition will take place as follows: (40 teams maximum)

- Elimination:
- Equal first three points 1 point 0 points-loss
ps: in case of a tie on goal average will be taken into account and if you are not yet decided between n, a match you decide on a map.

- The ranking will go like this:
GROUP A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H (the first 2 of each group will qualify for the final 8 th).

- Groups will consist of five teams maximum.

- Date of competition: (You will have one week to organize your games)
(The dates of the match will be post on the forum)

Qualifying for the 8-th of finals (September 14, 2011 to October 12, 2011)
- "Mercato" (October 12, 2011 to October 19, 2011)
-8 Th-finals (October 19, 2011 to October 26, 2011)
-Quarter-final (October 26, 2011 to November 2, 2011)
Demis-final (November 2, 2011 to November 9, 2011)
FINAL-(9 November 2011 to November 13, 2011)

TV-servers will be available and games will likely be broadcast on "Live TM" (tbc)

- Each team will consist of a captain and co captain and each player will be registered on the forum by the master "item registration" with "read and approved" (an example will be on the forum).

- No requirement to be a team to participate in this competition (ATTENTION WILL INTEGRATE A PLAYER ONLY ONE TEAM.

- This compete competition will be played in 5 vs 5 on maps Dirt (Unpublished, so maps made exclusively for this competition)

- Teams will consist of maximum 14 players registered on the forum.

- The matches will be played 5 vs. 5 with possible changes at the end of each map (in case of deco, the replacement will come at the end of the map.

- The matches will be played on 4 maps 5-point winners.

- The maps will be downloadable on the forum one week in advance. ("Download section")

- Each match will be refereed by an ADMIN.

- The matches will be played on servers that AML will be at your disposal (number of servers based on registration will be available)

- The information and server password will be sent by private message on the forum after confirmation of the date of the match.

- The screenshots of each scoreboard must be taken in order to show the admins any claims.

- Any player participating in a game without being registered in that team will lose the match for his team.

- The games begin 15 minutes after the time set up on the forum. If a team does not meet this schedule, this team can put the team missing package and take the 3 points of victory.

- Any player found to cutter voluntarily will be removed from the competition and will cost his team the game in progress.

- Politeness, fun and fair play will be top priority.


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